Display query editor and results in seperate tab in SSMS

As a developer, Its very helpful for us to set Sql Server Management Studio’s (SSMS) environment as friendly as possible. In the recent conversation in my team, one of my colleague asked me that how you set query editor and its results in separate tabs in SSMS ? So i thought to write the post regarding this feature given in SSMS for my readers.

By Default when you execute the query, results and messages or execution plan tabs are shown in lower half of the query editor window as shown in below screen.


Now to set query, results and messages in separate tabs, we have to follow the below steps.

  • Click on the “Options…” in Tools menu.
  • Then expand “Query Results” in left pane and then select “Results to Grid” option.
  • Now in the right pane, Click on “Display results in a separate tab” checkbox.
  • Click OK.


That’s it. Now when you open new query window, you will see latest configuration changes as show in below image.


This feature is really very helpful when we have more than one results set or analyzing query execution plan. Hope you like this tips.


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