About Me

In order to make something, you need some input. Take something or combine it with other materials to make something new. Well, what I mean to say is –  I took a lot and learned a lot from our community. Now its a time to contribute or return back to the community and that’s why I created this blog.

Technical Me.

I passionate about learning new technology and writing code.  I have more than 9+ years of hands on experience in Asp.Net MVC, Web Forms, C#, SQL, LINQ, Dapper, JavaScript, WEB API, WCF, WEB SERVICES, Win Forms, WPF.

What Else

Well, I believe in contribution and I love to help people directly / indirectly by any medium. Before I started this blog, I was an active member of stackoverflow.com, and of-course still I Am. When I’m not doing anything I like to spend my time with my family members and with my “cute” son!

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